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Results 24-May-2023

Singles Extended Warmup:

Graham v Francis.

Conditions: probably fine and cool.

Results 17-May-2023

Fast 4 Cut-throat (Francis L Rules in play):

Graham, Francis and Peter.

Conditions: fine and cool.

Results 10-May-2023

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Peter v Francis & Mark

4-1, 4-1, 1-3.

Conditions: fine and cool.

Results 03-May-2023

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Mark v Peter & Francis

4-3(5-1), 2-0.

Conditions: surprisingly warm and windy.

Results 26-Apr-2023

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Francis v Peter & Mark

4-3(5-2), 3-2.

Conditions: fine and cool with some cooking odors from the neighbours.