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Results 25-Jan-2023

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Mark v Peter & Darren

4-2, 4-1.

Conditions: court a little slippery and weather fine. No lights required … or provided.

Results 18-Jan-2023

FL Rules Cut-throat:

Mark, Peter and Graham

Conditions: fine with lights on for the final 20 minutes.

Results 11-Jan-2023

FL Rules Cut-throat:

Graham, Mark and Peter

Conditions: fine and windy as usual; no lights meant that the older players struggled to see the ball towards the end.

Results 14-Dec-2022

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Francis v Peter & Mark

4-3(5-4), 1-1

Conditions: fine and windy with lighting delayed until 15 min from the end.

Results 07-Dec-2022

Fast 4 Scores:

Graham & Mark v Francis & Peter

4-0, 3-1.

Conditions: fine and windy.