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Results 30-Mar-2022

Match Report: The usual extended warmup went ahead but play was abandoned before competition started.

Conditions: weather dry early followed by light showers becoming steady rain.

Results 23-Mar-2022


Fast 4 cut-throat with Francis, Mark and Peter.

Conditions: no change to the court surface. The weather was fine again with a stiff breeze from the Parramatta River.

Results 16-Mar-2022


Cut-throat with Graham, Francis and Peter.

Conditions: weather surprisingly fine, court surface had the usual damage plus some mud in the corners.

Results 09-Mar-2022

Match Report: A delayed start due to the court in use for the first 30 mins. An extended warm-up for Graham, Mark and Peter followed by no match.

Conditions: weather fine, court condition poor with wet mud in the back corners and the usual surface flaws.

Injuries: a further calf strain for Mark. Possibly 1 week to recover.